Sustainable Development Minister Miriam Dalli (centre, with boy) wraps up the campaign at Wied il-Għasel, Source:

Trees for waste: Parks Malta clean-up campaign comes to a close

Trees for waste: Parks Malta clean-up campaign comes to a close

With 750 tonnes of waste collected, more than 1,500 indigenous trees will be planted across the island

More than 1,500 new trees will be planted thanks to the Parks Malta Cleaning Campaign which has unfolded over the past few months, the Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable development announced in a press release.

Two trees for every tonne of waste

As part of the environmental awareness campaign, Parks Malta has engaged local councils and volunteers in waste-clearing efforts across various valleys, pledging to plant two trees for every tonne of waste collected. The outcome of the campaign has seen more than 750 tonnes of garbage collected, which will translate to the planting of more than 1,500 indigenous trees. 

Alongside Parks Malta's staff, more than 20 organizations took part in the clean-up campaign, including Din l-Art Ħelwa, the Girl Guides of Birżebbuġa and Raniero's Adventures. A number of government entities, such as the Energy and Water Agency and Enemed, also joined in.

Strong local commitment  

Wrapping the campaign up at Wied il-Għasel, Sustainable Development Minister Miriam Dalli thanked all the participating partners for the time and labour dedicated.

“It is something to be commended when different organisations come together and contribute their time towards the common good. At the same time, this campaign should serve as a reminder that protecting the environment also means not dumping waste. Parks Malta collected 750 tonnes of waste in a few months from a number of valleys. As Parks Malta commit to planting more trees and taking care of them, visitors should commit to act responsibly," the Minister said. 

On his part, Adrian Attard, Director General of Parks Malta said that such initiatives help to preserve Malta’s natural environment.​​

Waste generation and recycling issues

Malta has one of the highest annual municipal waste generation rates per capita in the European Union, while its recycling rate is one of the lowest. To address these issues by improving waste prevention and management, the Ministry for Environment, Climate Change and Planning has launched an ambitious Waste Management Plan 2021 – 2030. 

In line with the new EU rules for transitioning to circular economy, by 2025, Malta should recycle at least 55 percent of municipal waste from households and businesses, raising the target to 60 percent by 2030 and 65 percent by 2035.



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