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Trnava to modernize region’s education through EU funding

Trnava to modernize region’s education through EU funding

The funds will primarily be used to upgrade schools’ hardware and to develop extracurricular activities

The Slovak region of Trnava has received EU funding through the EU’s Human Resources  Operational Programme in order to further develop local education and modernize its capabilities. With high-tech education quickly growing not only in popularity but also in sheer need, administrations across Europe have been trying to quickly adapt to the needs of the future.

Through the introduction of modern teaching methods and the use of up-to-date hardware, many cities and regions are looking to get ahead of the curve when it comes to providing their citizens with the opportunities they need to develop skills that are key to the future.

Development through EU funding

Thanks to the fiscal injection provided by the EU, the region of Trnava is poised to accomplish precisely that. More specifically, the 4 million euros of funding granted by the Union will be used to upgrade and modernize the computer rooms of many educational facilities across the region.

The money will also go towards the development of stellar extracurricular activities that might prove pivotal to the growth of many young people in Trnava, as well as towards better training for teachers who are the very backbone of the entire system.

The project in its entirety will be launched at the start of the 2020/2021 school year and will have a duration of 24 months. It is co-financed by the Trnava self-governing region with the amount of 240,000 euros and will include a total of 14 secondary schools, 330 teachers and 2800 students.

By embracing technology and introducing it to all levels of life, and by boosting extracurricular support for students, regional authorities in Trnava are proving themselves as trailblazers when it comes to youth-related policies. The development of such approaches will also without a doubt result in the creation of better opportunities for many of the students in the region. 



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