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Turku allows cyclists to choose cleanest air route on their commute

Turku allows cyclists to choose cleanest air route on their commute

This tool is also available for walkers in the city

The Finnish city of Turku has a new digital tool that lets walkers and cyclists choose not the shortest route between two points, but rather the one with the cleanest air. The name of said tool is AirQu and although it is not an app, it is accessible through a web browser on a smartphone or a computer.

In fact, AirQu despite its name is not only about air quality. It can help you design your route based on other parameters, such as greenery and flatness. Only if the user doesn’t choose any of these options will the tool provide the shortest route between the two points.

Thanks to the interface, it is also easy to compare AirQu's suggested route to the desired destination with the shortest route.

A different perspective on moving through a city

The route guide also has the opportunity to give feedback, which will be used in the further development of AirQu. In addition to general feedback, it is hoped that feedback will also be given on individual routes so that the application can give users even better suggestions in the future.

The route planner was developed as part of the RESPONSE project. The latter is a pan-European project aimed at building sustainable cities. This consists of elements, such as energy availability, price and balancing environmental impacts through new technological solutions and the participation of residents. 

The initiative also promotes solutions for sustainable urban mobility by encouraging the use of sustainable ways of moving.

Turku is involved in the project to create and implement energy-positive blocks and neighbourhoods in the Turku Student Village.



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