Two of the Turku Helpers

Turku hires “helpers” to support residents and tourists in the city

Turku hires “helpers” to support residents and tourists in the city

They will walk around the city wearing Hi-Vis jackets that read "Turku Help"

Typically, travellers make use of the internet and tourist information centres to find landmarks, attractions, accommodation, and restaurants in new cities. Despite this, many tourists still often find themselves lost and unable to reach their desired destinations.

Understanding this, the Finnish City of Turku has hired teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 to walk around and help anyone who needs information. The Turku helpers work for the city’s tourist information centre and can be seen walking around in pairs, wearing Hi-Vis jackets that read: “TURKU HELP”. This makes them easily recognisable and accessible to both tourists and residents who need assistance.

The young Turku helpers facilitate the lives of travellers and citizens in many ways. This is especially true for people who feel anxious or afraid to approach locals or strangers when they need support. For these individuals, seeing a young person in a Hi-Vis jacket who is happy to offer directions, help, and advice is a great relief.

The perfect summer job for teenagers

Beyond the help they provide for residents and tourists, the Turku helpers have shared that they believe the summer job is perfect for teenagers who enjoy the outdoors. In a press release by the City of Turku, two such helpers discussed the work, explaining that it consists of walking around the most popular areas of the city for six hours a day.

Furthermore, they revealed that the job allows you to bond with the person you have been paired up with and make friends. What is more, it is the ideal way to enjoy the summer weather while earning money. More specifically, one of the Turku helpers disclosed:

“It's really nice to be outside and in the air. This job is for 15–17-year-olds and is perhaps the best option for summer work. The job requires nothing more than to be outgoing and positive. You get to meet people at work and get to know your co-worker well, because the work is done in pairs.”

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