Turku anti-corona bus, Source: City of Turku

Turku’s anti-corona bus at the service of ship arrivals

Turku’s anti-corona bus at the service of ship arrivals

The bus was first tested at the city's port over the weekend

During the last weekend, the Finnish city of Turku’s anti-corona bus met passengers arriving on the morning ships of Viking Line and Tallink Silja in the Port of Turku. Passengers coming through both the car deck and the ship terminals were directed immediately to the anti-corona bus for handling.

Bridging the need for immediate healthcare service

Due to the port testing experiment, the anti-corona bus may be slightly behind schedule this week. The anti-corona bus usually conducts corona tests in Halis on weekdays from 9-11 and in Perno from 12-14.

“We piloted the anti-corona bus to test ship passengers on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (January 16-18). After these experiences, we will decide how we will continue testing in the port,” explained Doctor Jane Marttila from the City of Turku's welfare department.

In accordance with the Finnish national Government's decision, the restrictions on Finland's internal border control and entry will be extended until 9 February. According to the government's instructions, border control measures will be tightened to prevent the spread of new coronavirus strains that have begun appearing around Europe.

The City of Turku, together with the Hospital District of Southwest Finland, has been actively testing flights arriving in Turku at the airport. Those who arrived in the port of Turku from Sweden have received THL instructions for passengers arriving in Finland from SPR or shipowners.

“Our goal is to always find the right solutions for testing ship passengers. Challenges are caused by, for example, uneven passenger numbers for morning and evening ships, and the fact that corona tests are only offered to passengers arriving from Sweden in accordance with the guidelines, not, for example, to passengers on a 24-hour cruise in Turku and Åland. In addition, passengers arrive ashore along four different exit lines” according to Doctor Jane Marttila.

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