Last year, the campaign was in Dobrich , Source: Old Paper for a New Book (Стара хартия за нова книга) on Facebook

Turn in 5 kilos of waste paper and get a free book in Bulgaria

Turn in 5 kilos of waste paper and get a free book in Bulgaria

Right before the start of the school year, kids in Sofia, Plovdiv and Ruse will be able to clear out their drawers and have a fresh start

In September this year, Bulgarian children will have a chance to earn a free book of their choice by turning in 5 kilograms of waste paper. The campaign, aptly named ‘Old Paper for a New Book’, will take place in three major cities: Sofia, Plovdiv and Ruse.

The dates for the campaign are equally timely, as the organisers will set up collection centres on 11 September in Ruse, 17 September in Plovdiv and 18 September in Sofia – all around the 15th, the date the school year resumes in the country.

Both parents and kids have a chance to clean out the waste paper from the previous school year and get a free book as a back-to-school special.

Just one book per child, please

Unfortunately, the organisers have specified that they will not be giving away extra books for overachieving recyclers. This is because, as they explain in a statement, there will not be enough books for everybody.

At the same time, they do mention that if someone brings an extra 5 kilos of paper, they will receive a special book, printed for the occasion, called “Guardians of the Planet”. The book gives facts and tips on environmental action, from composting and reducing the use of plastic, to beach cleaning and helping wildlife.

Last year, through this event, authorities were able to collect close to 300 tons of waste paper. Moreover, 55,828 kids took part in the initiative, while receiving around 66,000 books.



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