These are the Double Pony e-bikes, Source: Pony Facebook

Two-seater shared e-bikes to debut in Brussels in 2024?

Two-seater shared e-bikes to debut in Brussels in 2024?

The first-of-their-kind, the two-wheelers have already been turning heads in France

The world’s first and only two-seater shared electric bicycles could arrive in Brussels at the start of next year after French operator Pony announced that it is including them as part of its proposals in a recent call for tenders by Brussels Mobility.

If awarded the contract, this will represent the first international expansion of the Double Pony model, which features two seats and can develop speeds of up to 25 km/h. Its charge allows it to travel distances of up to 100 kilometres.

The appeal of two-seater bikes

Pony has been present in Brussels since 2021, offering the classical one-seater e-bikes to fulfil residents’ mobility needs. Its pioneering two-seater model, however, has already been on French streets for some time.

This e-bike has been successful in France, where approximately 70% of our users have already experienced it as a passenger," Guillem Leroux, the company's spokesperson, told The Brussels Times.

The two-seaters, apart from bringing back some retro appeal – as these kinds of bicycles are always a common trope in romantic movies – have been designed to meet the standards of modernity as well.

The e-bicycles in question are rather sturdy and have the capacity to cover a distance of 20,000 kilometres throughout their lifetime and withstand harsh weather conditions. What’s more, sustainability also forms part of their design as parts can be interchanged and used to prolong the lives of other Pony bikes.

The French company has also revolutionized the shared soft mobility scene with its unique “Adopt a Pony” programme, which allows users to buy a bike from the company and then lease it to other users using the corporate platform and share the profit made with the enterprise.

Guillem Leroux explained that with this scheme the company aims to redistribute income back into the communities.



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