Stuttgart reception ticket booth, Source: Leif Piechowski/Stadt Stuttgart

Unused ticket booths help Stuttgart speed up coronavirus testing

Unused ticket booths help Stuttgart speed up coronavirus testing

Ticket booths are now being used as reception centres as they remain unused during the lockdown

In order to improve work processes and shorten the waiting time for testing, the Corona test centre Cannstatter Wasen is now setting up reception booths for easier and faster registration. The ticket booths have been rented by Stuttgart officials from their usual operators who are currently out of business due to Germany’s lockdown measures.

Solving two problems with a single stroke

The number of people eager to get tested in the Corona test centre Cannstatter Wasen. Not only that but rapid tests and tests for self-payers have also recently been introduced on offer and both are in great demand. Dr. Hans-Jörgwerteauer, senior doctor at the Corona test centre Cannstatter Wasen, explained that “Our processes have become much more complex due to the additional offers. In order to be able to continue to work effectively and efficiently, we will now subdivide individual work steps. This means that we first receive and register the test subjects at an earlier stage."

When looking for suitable reception booths, Werteauer found what he was looking for at the Schaustellerverband: “We now rent a total of twelve of their ticket booths from the showmen, which we convert into reception booths. In order to give even more emphasis to the solidarity with the showmen, we will leave the houses exactly as they are - namely colourful - and only provide them with a sign."

The showman's houses will be supplied with electricity and internet over the next few days. They will be operational in the course of the next week. Then the first citizens will be received there.

Dr. Alexandra Sußmann, Mayor for Social Affairs and Social Integration, also expressed her delight at the solution, stating that “In order to ensure that the test centre runs smoothly, it is essential to act quickly now. As a city, we are happy to contribute a financial amount for this. I am very pleased that the test centre and the showman support each other by renting the houses. That is a nice sign in these difficult times."

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