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Uppsala Municipality goes the extra mile in helping those in need of a job

Uppsala Municipality goes the extra mile in helping those in need of a job

For the purpose, an extension of municipal services is implemented so people get experience

The coronavirus pandemic has caused considerable damage in the economic sectors of the affected societies and as a consequence, many people were left without a job. There are others for whom finding a job was already a hard task, to begin with, even without the pandemic and now their situation might be dire.

The Municipality of Uppsala wants to show these people that they have not been forgotten and has announced that an extra services programme will be implemented this year. That means that new services and workplaces will be created temporarily so that these vulnerable groups of people can get a job and gain some valuable experience in the process.

This programme was established in 2017

The Swedish authorities have estimated that people who have been unemployed for very long periods find it harder to start a new job, and the same goes for new arrivals, such as immigrants. Adapting these people to the local labour market and giving them a chance to show their abilities is a necessary first step that not many employers in the private sector are willing to take.

For that reason, Uppsala Municipality has decided to revive a programme, which was first implemented in 2017-2018 after an agreement with the Swedish Public Employment Service. 700 persons became temporary municipal employees and the result is that 70% of them are employed today and are not dependent on welfare.

We have very positive experiences of extra services and our previous collaboration with the Swedish Public Employment Service. Extra services give the long-term unemployed and new arrivals the opportunity to contribute their skills in a workplace and get a reference. Those who have needs can also combine it with their studies and practice Swedish in a social context,” said Lena Winterbom, director of the labour administration.

This year, the goal is to employ 500 individuals. The way it works, however, is different from the regular job market. The positions will not be advertised but rather an official from the labour administration will contact the persons that have been identified as being vulnerable with a job offer. The extra service job will have a maximum limit of 12 months.

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