The sonic cannon seen during the demonstration, Source: Ajuntament de Valencia

Valencia Police tests a sonic cannon for crowd control

Valencia Police tests a sonic cannon for crowd control

The innovative technology allows for increasing the security in tense situations without harming anyone

On 31 May, the Valencia local police force presented and tested an innovative sonic cannon, which allows for non-harmful crowd control in public spaces. The device is capable of accurately sending high-power non-harmful acoustic signals, which can get the attention or deter one or more people selectively, without affecting the rest of the attendees in a crowd.

The test is part of the European project S4ALLCITIES, which counts with the participation of the Valencia Local Police. The security force seeks to study the use and application of new technologies and how to integrate them to protect people in public spaces and during mass events

Human-centred application of new technology

The sonic cannon is able to send, from a distance of up to 200 meters, an acoustic signal capable of neutralizing a single person or a specific group that are causing problems. In this way, it is possible to intervene effectively and non-harmfully in fights or other episodes of serious disturbance of the public order, without affecting bystanders.

During the test, real situations were recreated, in order to check if the device was viable and operational from a tactical point of view, and above all to check that its use is harmless to all participants.

For us, innovation is fundamental, we are always looking for the technologies of the future and the European projects department is in charge of R&D. We recently presented a drone that measures the individual body temperature of people, now we present this cannon, which has some interesting possibilities in terms of security and emergency situations," explained the Councilor for Citizen Protection, Aaron Cano.

The cannon has another function, as well. It can improve communications and instructions issued by the emergency services to the people in specific residential areas, to do so in a selective and precise manner.



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