Vantaa modernises its early childhood education services

Vantaa modernises its early childhood education services

Intelligent automation will help pinpoint the best pre-schools and kindergartens for each child

On 10 August, the Finnish City of Vantaa shared that it has collaborated with the IT company CGI to launch a new digital platform that will upgrade its early childhood education services. Therefore, it has now developed a service that uses intelligent automation to find the most suitable kindergarten, pre-school, or club for every child.

Focusing on individual needs

Director of Early Childhood Education in Vantaa Mikko Mäkelä discussed the necessity for such a platform, noting that the activities of most education establishments needed to be modernised and digitalised. The new CGI Vesa platform will use intelligent automation to make data-based suggestions for the best schools for individual students.

More specifically, it will make recommendations based on the distance of schools, the number of siblings the child has, and other specific wishes the parents may have. Commenting on the new platform, CGI’s Director of Urban and Municipal Services Sami Sulkko explained: “The system decides nothing, but intelligent automation speeds up decision-making and improves the interaction between caregivers and early childhood education.”

Potential for future development

The City of Vantaa is eager to enhance its services with the use of modern technology as innovation and intelligent automation will improve the lives of residents; that is, digitalisation gives citizens more freedom, saves time, and offers new opportunities.

Taking this further, Mäkelä highlighted that the platform will soon be upgraded to include a variety of other services. In particular, it will document and monitor the development of students as well as their everyday activities. In this way, it will allow parents to gain a better understanding of their children’s development.

Ultimately, CGI’s novel system seeks to support the individual needs of every child. Moreover, it aims to help parents make informed decisions that will ensure the wellbeing of their children.



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