Tikkuri shopping centre, Source: Vantaa Municipality

Vantaa will revitalise its city centre with a modern building

Vantaa will revitalise its city centre with a modern building

The future establishment will offer retail space, cultural facilities, offices, and apartments

On 18 May, the Finnish City of Vantaa announced its plans to revitalise its central district and city centre, Tikkurila. To transform the area into a vibrant and lively space, the city intends to demolish the current Tikkuri shopping centre and build a bigger, better, and more modern one in its place.

What will the new space offer?

The new centre will have a maximum of 25 floors, and it will offer a wide variety of activities and services. Taking this further, the building will have retail space as well as cultural facilities, business premises, apartments.

More specifically, the first and second floors of the establishment will be reserved for retail stores while the upper floors will house cultural facilities, residential apartments, and corporate premises. On three separate floors underground, there will be approximately 600 parking spaces for vehicles and 1,750 spaces for bicycles.

In a press release by Vantaa, Tomi Grönlund from Mrec Investment Management Oy commented on the height of the future building. Grönlund noted that thanks to its height, the centre will be able to offer numerous, diverse services in a compact urban structure.

Moreover, he shared that the company envisions opening the top floors of the establishment to the public in ways that offer new and exciting experiences for Vantaa’s residents. Expanding on this, he explained that the building could potentially house a restaurant with a view on its top floor.

Creating a vibrant city centre

Vantaa’s primary goal is to upgrade its central district by making the city centre a more vibrant and modern space. In doing so, it seeks to create more opportunities for its residents and support the city’s growth.

“We strive for the new Tikkur to significantly improve the area’s attractiveness, services, and general appearance, bringing life to every moment of the day,” Grönlund disclosed.

On its website, the city reported that it will present its plans for the building on 9 June via Teams. The public can view these plans and share their opinions by 24 June. The building’s current design ideas can be viewed in the gallery above.



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