Venice Carnival starts this weekend

Venice Carnival starts this weekend

On the occasion of the opening event, Venice Municipality has prepared a specific Security Plan

The Carnival in Venice is a one-of-a-kind celebration incorporating past and present with a traditional local allure featuring many events-within-the-events. Among these are the two-day Festa Veneziana with its typical masked regattas, the Best Masked Costume Contest and numerous iconic parades.

This year, the Carnival of Venice starts on Saturday, 8th February. The official opening of the Venice Carnival will be on the Rio di Cannaregio. It will be transformed into a real water stage with a show, where floating structures transfer the carnival theme of “Game, Love and Folly”. The show is free for residents and visitors of Venice and will be replicated at 7:00pm and 9:00pm.

The programme will continue on Sunday 9th February with the water parade Rowing associations and tours with the Venetian specialties. The magical evening show will bring music, rhythm and joy along Cannaregio shores, opening in the best way the Carnival of Venice 2020. The show will be intensified by dance and music, offering unique moments.

Venice Municipality has prepared a specific Security Plan

On the occasion of the opening event of the carnival, Venice Municipality has prepared a specific Security Plan, which sets out for each day the security measures as well as the behavioural rules and evacuation procedures. The City Hall suggests all attenders of the show, to stay along the Fondamenta of the Rio di Cannaregio. The Municipality recommends also to arrive well ahead of time. In addition, one-way routes may be set up or other modifications made to pedestrian traffic.

Over the years, the Carnival in Venice has been an attractive example of the perfect mixture of tradition, culture and entertainment, offering a chance of fun for visitors of all ages. 

Update, 23 February 2020

Scrambling to contain rapidly rising number of new coronavirus infections in Italy, on 23th February authorities stepped up measures to ban public gatherings and stopped Venice’s carnival events.



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