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Venice wants to be known as the Sustainability Capital of the World

Venice wants to be known as the Sustainability Capital of the World

The reinvention of the city’s image and vision has started with the setting up of a large foundation

On 17 February, the Venice City Council voted in favour of setting up the “Venice World Capital of Sustainability” Foundation with the Municipality acting as the founder and first member of the entity. This was an important step as it concretized the plans that the local authorities had been presenting to the world since last year about a new vision for the future development of the Lagoon City.

The initiative looks beyond tourism

Venice is well known for its efforts to introduce models of sustainability in the field of tourism in order to preserve the fragile heritage from the onslaught of cruise ships and one-day grab-and-go visitors. The new foundation, however, is the stepping stone towards something much bigger.

The foundation will lead projects promoting a coordinated and far-sighted plan of interventions for sustainable growth, through energy transition and the production of renewable energies (including the creation of a hydrogen hub), the revamping of the city as an international educational centre, urban renewal, and development towards a sustainable model of tourism. Other projects will include interventions of social inclusion and support, thanks also to tax relief for residents, a new plan for local business, and much more.

Last year, Venice mayor Luigi Brugnaro presented the initiative at the Italian Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai with the declaration that it expects to attract investments (both public and private) to the tune of 3 to 4 billion euros.

It counts on the support of the Italian government and the Region of Veneto. Other members of the foundation will be the city universities—Ca’ Foscari and IUAV—and other renowned cultural and academic institutions and important names of the economics and business, such as Snam, Generali, Eni, Boston Consulting Group e Confindustria.



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