L-R: Favoriten District Mayor Marcus Franz, Councilor Ulli Sima, Vienna Cycling Commissioner Martin Blum, Donaustadt District Mayor Ernst Nevrivy and Mobility Spokeswoman for NEOS Vienna Angelika Pipal-Leixner, , Source: City of Vienna

Vienna expands bike infrastructure – 20 km for 2023

Vienna expands bike infrastructure – 20 km for 2023

The big highlights of the project are two cycling highways, one leading to Lower Austria in the south and another leading to Donaustadt

Yesterday, Vienna authorities announced the cycling infrastructure development schedule for 2023. According to the city, this will bring an additional 20 kilometres of new infrastructure to the Austrian capital.

Additionally, it will build upon last year’s completed 17 kilometres, plug gaps in the network and expand the connection from the heart of the city to rural Lower Austria. Local authorities spent around 26 million euros last year on cycling infrastructure, a budget five times higher than in 2020.

That figure is only set to grow, as local authorities have announced a total of 100 million euros in funding for bike infrastructure until the year 2025.

Project highlights

The absolute highlight of this year’s cycling plan is the new Bicycle Highway South (Radhighway Süd). The project will close a gap between Argentinierstraße and Herndlgasse, creating a 9-kilometre-long, 3.9-kilometre-wide, two-way cycling path leading out of the city.

The route will pass through the 4th and 10th districts and allow an unbroken link from the city to the Federal State of Lower Austria. Plans call for additional greening and traffic calming along the way, making the city more sustainable and climate-friendly.

Another highlight is the bike highway expansion in Donaustadt – the portion of Vienna located on the far side of the Danube. Last year, authorities announced a 14-kilometre-long cycling highway with an additional bridge - a portion set to be complete in April.  

Authorities plan to add one section with 710 metres to the 3.5-metre-wide route from Wagramer Straße to Industriestraße, as well as 150 trees and another spanning 935 metres on Rennbahnweg and in the Ludwig-Reindl-Gass.

City Councilor for Mobility Ulli Sima was quoted in a press statement saying:

Since the start of the mega-cycle path offensive last year, we have invested more than ever in the cycling infrastructure. With the 2023 addition, we will improve again and take the next big step with many projects that will make cycling even more attractive and safer. Wherever possible, we are also providing more greenery along the routes with new trees and grass beds. 



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