Vienna highlights new strategic vision

Vienna highlights new strategic vision

Vienna 2030 aims to tackle the challenges of the future

Starting 1 January 2020, the Austrian capital will begin implementing its strategic vision for the city called Vienna 2030 – Economy and Innovation. The new approach highlights the need for Vienna to further develop its strengths and to create more high-skilled jobs.

The aim of the new strategic approach is to build upon the successes of the previous similar initiative – the Smart City Framework Strategy and Innovative Vienna 2020. The successes achieved during the previous period have resulted in the creation of a very strong basis for the development of high-skilled and high-paying jobs. Therefore, the goal of the 2030 strategy is to seize on these opportunities and provide citizens of the capital with precisely such employment opportunities.

 In order to achieve the goals, it has set for itself and to further improve the development process of the strategic document, the local government wanted to reach out to individuals and businesses in the Austrian Capital. Thus, the Vienna Economic Council was created – a joint expert panel aimed at improving the Vienna 2030 strategy and advising the local government on subjects of economic importance.

Six main spheres to work on

Within the Vienna 2030 strategy, the Vienna Economic Council has outlined 6 main spheres of life on which the government, as well as local businesses, should focus.

  • Making the whole of Vienna smart and climate-friendly – the heatwave of 2019 further proved the need to transform the urban landscape. In the 2020s the city should be implementing smart solutions for climate and providing climate-neutral affordable housing to its citizens
  • Top-quality affordable healthcare for every citizen – the city should implement high-tech solutions in order to make healthcare more widely available and affordable for locals
  • Protecting the digital rights of citizens – with everything going digital, Vienna should be ready to step in to protect the privacy and data of individuals living in the capital
  • Smart production – the threat of industries leaving the region in search for cheap labour is ever-present and the local administration should be ready to implement high-tech smart solutions in order to become more and more attractive to investors, thus protecting the jobs of locals
  • Taking advantage of the central location – Vienna should take its role as a bridge between civilization to heart and offer incentives to anyone considering doing business in the Austrian capital – no matter where they come from
  • Supporting Culture – Vienna is a world-renowned cultural capital – it should aim to retain this image and promote itself as the perfect venue for the creative industries

By acting upon these general recommendations, the city is bound to keep on developing, becoming a more coveted place to live and do business in.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Vienna’s approach to the future and its Vienna 2030 strategy, check out the local government’s website.



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