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Vienna introduces Kultur – Token pilot project

Vienna introduces Kultur – Token pilot project

Access cultural events for free by being a climate-friendly citizen

The Austrian capital of Vienna is proud to introduce its new initiative – the Vienna Kultur – Token, a way to take part in cultural activities for free, simply by being a climate-friendly citizen.

An innovative way of promoting climate-friendly behaviour

The goal of the Kultur – Token is to encourage citizens of the city to be more active in their fight against climate change and to intentionally seek out ways to reduce their own carbon emissions.

Through the use of an app, locals will be able to redeem free tokens for cultural venues and events by taking part in a wide range of climate-friendly activities – such as walking, cycling, making use of the city’s public transport network, and others.

The app, commissioned by the City Council of Vienna, will track users’ movements and methods of transport and calculate CO2 savings, compared to driving a car. The more carbon emissions you spare, the more points you generate and the more Kultur - Tokens will you be able to purchase.

The project, alongside the app, will be launched on 26 February. Over the course of 6 months, the initiative will be in its trial phase and the Kultur – Token will apply only to a select few cultural venues – the Vienna Volkstheater, the Vienna Museum, the Kunsthalle and the Vienna Konzerthaus. The use of the Token will be expanded in the future, with 9 other cultural institutions already having expressed their interest to join, according to local authorities.

The Kultur – Token app is scheduled to go online in the autumn of 2020 when it will also be given a wide range of new functions and will be expanded in scope to cover more events and venues.



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