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Vienna is EU’s best organic city

Vienna is EU’s best organic city

The Austrian capital is the only major city to farm its own organic products

Earlier today, Vienna took home the title of “Best Organic City”, one of the 7 distinctions given as part of the annual EU Organic Awards. The award came in recognition of the unique efforts of the Austrian capital to turn some of its green spaces into organic food-producing landplots.

In fact, the city, with its around 2,000 hectares of arable land and vineyards managed by forestry and agricultural operations, represents one of the largest organic farms in Austria. The authorities have also put a concerted effort to promote this to the local residents, who are the target consumer audience of the products.

That’s how, one year ago, all products were brought together under the "Wiener Gusto" brand. Consumers can find these products in several local supermarkets, in the Wiener Gusto Shop in Lainzer Tiergarten and online.

You can find them under the “Wiener Gusto” label

The first “Wiener Gusto” product was organic wheat flour. The range has since then been continually expanded to include mountain lentils, potatoes, linseed oil, other organic flours and a diverse selection of game meat specialities. Further products such as organic fruit juices, sunflower oil and tofu are in the works.

Vienna's Climate Councilor Jürgen Czernohorszky, who accepted the award in Brussels had this to say:

With “Wiener Gusto” we are sending a strong signal for organic agriculture in Vienna and are now making it known far beyond the borders of our city with the EU Organic Award.”

Apart from the organic nature of the products, the emphasis is also on their local origin, which guarantees short transportation routes. That, in turn, contributes to lessening the city’s carbon footprint and boosts its food security.

Almost 14 percent of Viennese land is dedicated to farming, some in municipal and some in private hands.



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