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Vienna launches its COVID-19 symptom checker app

Vienna launches its COVID-19 symptom checker app

The app is no replacement for a doctor’s opinion, but it helps clarify some things about COVID-19 symptoms

The Austrian capital of Vienna has launched its latest app meant to relieve the pressure on doctors, hotlines and other frontline workers – the COVID-19 symptoms checker app. With many of the disease’s symptoms being similar to those of the flu, many people often mistakenly believe that they have contracted the novel coronavirus. They then rush for medical aid, creating an unnecessary burden on healthcare services before ultimately discovering there is nothing to worry about. Thanks to the new app, such accidents should become less common.

Healthcare through innovation

While the Symptom Checker app is no replacement for a doctor’s opinion it should still help citizens determine more easily whether they truly are sick with COVID-19 or whether it is but a simple seasonal bug.

As explained by City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker, “The digital symptom checker does not replace a doctor or corona test, but it helps with the first assessment of whether further clarification is necessary. The new service is intended to offer the Viennese the opportunity for a first, immediate and above all trustworthy self-check. If necessary, a test can be arranged immediately. This also relieves the health advice service 1450, to which many turn to clarify symptoms. "  

In terms of how the app works, the symptom checker uses simple and clear yes / no questions to determine whether the suspicion of a corona infection increases due to the symptoms or possible contact with people who have tested positive. The questions can be answered directly on the smartphone or on the computer. Using the catalogue of questions, the digital tool can assess the risk of contracting COVID-19 and recommend a coronavirus test.

On the basis of the information in the Symptom Checker, for example with regard to the severity of the symptoms or the mobility of those affected, users are advised to visit one of the two test lanes or a test at home is arranged immediately.



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