The first Wien Gusto products will hit the shelves as soon as July

Vienna launches its own line of organic produce

Vienna launches its own line of organic produce

‘Wien Gusto’, as the brand is called, will source its produce from the nearly 2,000 hectares of farm land owned by the city

Yesterday, the city of Vienna announced that it will launch its own line of organic produce, which will be sold on the retail markets. The city owns around 2,000 hectares of arable land and vineyards, making it one of the largest organic farms in Austria.

All the produce, that will end up on the consumer market will now be under the umbrella brand ‘Wien Gusto’. According to a statement by the city, this is a chance for the Viennese to share in some city pride as well as reap the benefits of quality locally sourced organic products.

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Previously to the announcement, the Biozentrum Lobau and the BIO-Stadtgut Laxenburg were already doing organic cultivation on the municipal arable land in Vienna. However, the produce was sold wholesale so the Viennese themselves could not reliably source the city’s own produce.

This is partially what ‘Wien Gusto’ is trying to provide – a source of local pride, sharing in the city’s strong position on sustainable development.

A variety of products will hit the shelves this summer, while local authorities say that the selection will only grow over time. The first product is organic wheat flour, 700 (smooth), which will be available in June at an online shop, the Ab-Hof-Shop in Laxenburg and in Interspar branches in Vienna.

In the summer and autumn, the organic range will expand with lentils, potatoes, wheat and rye flours, linseed oil, chickpeas and venison. At the same time, the city has promised that in two years’ time, they will be able to provide sunflower oil, spelt flour, fruits and juices, as well as cider products and tofu.

Furthermore, Vienna also wants to feature free-range animal husbandry, to round out all sustainable farming practices. They have announced they would be able to raise both pigs and cattle.

According to Mayor Michael Ludwig, the Austrian capital will be the only big city that also happens to be an organic farm. However, as he later pointed out, this is not too surprising, considering the city’s longstanding commitment to quality of life.



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