Semmelweis, Vienna

Vienna moves to preserve green spaces for future generations

Vienna moves to preserve green spaces for future generations

The Semmelweis area will be preserved and made use of for educational and social purposes

With the dedication process for the Semmelweis area in the 18th district of Vienna, which is currently underway, local authorities are legally securing the historic park for the future. The city is set to receive a 4.7-hectare green area, which fulfils an important recreational function for the entire district and to which public access is guaranteed. Throughout the process, areas currently designated as building land will become grassland and will be granted special park protection area status upon the task’s completion.

Securing a green future

In mid-2019, the Semmelweis Women's Clinic moved to the Floridsdorf Clinic. The pavilions it left behind have thus become free and can be used for new uses. In 2002, parts of the historical complex, including in particular the six pavilions, preserved fences and sculptures in the park, were placed under monument protection.

“With the dedication procedure that is now starting, we are securing the Semmelweis site for the future. In this way, we guarantee an important green oasis for the Viennese. The use of the pavilions is also clearly defined, we put a stop to any real estate speculation,” said Planning City Councilor Ulli Sima.

Because according to the new dedication, the use of the listed pavilions is limited to educational purposes as well as social and cultural purposes. The pavilions are therefore reserved for facilities serving the public.

“It was always the wish of the district that no luxury apartments be built on the area, but that it should continue to be used for the public and that the passageway should be secured through the dedication process,” says Währing's district manager, Silvia Nossek.

The public consultation on the new zoning plan starts on January 14th, 2021 and will last six weeks until February 25th, 2021. A decision on the new zoning plan by the Vienna City Council should be made before summer.

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