Vienna Research Festival, Source: City of Vienna

Vienna's City Hall will turn into a huge laboratory this weekend

Vienna's City Hall will turn into a huge laboratory this weekend

The Research Festival invites the city’s youngest to experience the jobs of the future

The City of Vienna announced that this weekend it will host the Research Festival for the first time since the pandemic. Between 9 and 11 September, City Hall invites curious youngsters to participate in the free festival and learn about the future of science.

Additionally, the festival will showcase some of the city’s most successful research industries, through a partnership with the Vienna Business Agency. Also, kids are encouraged to take part in the experiments, as, for some of them, this could represent the discovery of their calling in life.

Keeping Vienna at the forefront of research and development

During the Research Festival, Vienna’s City Hall will be home to 30 separate experiment stations and even more workshops. Role models from technology and research will staff each station so visitors can talk to them and form their own opinion of the field.

Additionally, anyone who has discovered an interesting job profile for themselves can get advice on career paths and support options.

According to a statement by the city, it will become a large lab offering insights into the local diverse research sector and future professions. Vienna is at the heart of the Austrian research sector, with 1,000 companies and around 50,000 employees.

Vienna Business Agency Managing Director, Gerhard Hirczi, was quoted in a press release, explaining that by presenting a broad spectrum of activities and future-oriented professions, the local industry can help young people to orient themselves in fit-for-the-future fields.  

Furthermore, Peter Hanke, City Councillor for Economic Affairs, said that this festival would make all these important contributions to science tangible. He continued: “Research and technology are defining issues for our city and its population - so it is important for us to arouse enthusiasm for them as early as possible.”



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