The bicycle friendly redeveloped Schulgasse , Source: ZOOMVP.AT via City of Vienna

Vienna’s ‘Get out of the Asphalt’ brings in new bike connections and public spaces

Vienna’s ‘Get out of the Asphalt’ brings in new bike connections and public spaces

A new redevelopment campaign is quickly spreading through the Austrian capital, bringing with it an answer to heat islands, missing cycling connections and public spaces

Yesterday, Vienna authorities announced that they will redevelop Schul street (Schulgasse) to expand the Kutschkermarkt farmer’s market. The project calls for tree planting and bike lanes, with the aim of counteracting the local heat island, while offering residents a traffic-calmed public space, instead of car infrastructure.

The project is part of the city’s initiative for soil unsealing and shifting local mobility away from cars and towards public transport, pedestrians and more greenery. The campaign is called ‘Get out of the Asphalt’ and features cycling highway projects and even an application to navigate the Austrian capital’s urban environment.

The revamped Kutschkermarkt will feature more stands for vendors, cycling lanes and traffic-calmed streets. Construction will start in March 2023 and is set to complete in November of the same year.

The changes to come

One of the big changes is that Schulgasse will become a car-free zone equipped for both pedestrians and cyclists. According to a statement by the city, the 430 metres of new road infrastructure will plug a large hole in the city’s cycling infrastructure for the Belt Cycle Path.

The redeveloped area will be equipped with consumption-free zones and water fountains. Additionally, the whole area will be covered with 35 new trees and flower beds, to help capture fine dust particles and break the heat island effect in the densely populated urban area.

The lively market experience of Kutschkermarkt will also grow to encompass the surrounding streets. The area will expand to feature 48 vendor stands, offering fruit, vegetables, flowers, cheese, sausages and more.

Moreover, the city plans to repave the area with lightly coloured tiles, that will allow rainwater to drain into the ground instead of being shipped to the sewage system.



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