The new cycling infrastructure in Vienna will greatly increase the appeal of sustainable transportation , Source:ätsagentur Wien

Vienna will blanket Donaustadt with 18 kilometres of new bike lanes

Vienna will blanket Donaustadt with 18 kilometres of new bike lanes

According to local authorities, this is the largest bicycle infrastructure expansion in the city’s biggest district to date

Yesterday, authorities in Vienna announced the biggest cycling lanes project for the city’s largest district – Donaustadt. The initial phase of construction will happen between 2022 and 2023 and will total out at a distance of 18 kilometres. Furthermore, according to a statement by the city, the cycling offensive will come with additional projects for green spaces and redevelopment.  

Donaustadt has around 200,000 inhabitants and is located on the far side of the Danube. Considering the river’s size, connecting cycling infrastructure with the rest of the city is a particular challenge. This is why at the start of February the city announced a project for a cycling mega highway connecting the two parts of the city.

Public transportation and bike infrastructure -  a staple of the expansion

One of the staples of the new expansion are the planned bus lanes and cycling lanes on Breitenleer Straße. There, authorities have said they will create new routes on both sides of the road starting from next year.

Breitenleer Straße is the site of many new residential developments and people will have the chance to start using sustainable mobility as they move in. Furthermore, the city has said they will plant 40 new trees along the road.

Another one is the planned 4-metre-wide, two-way bike road on Donaustadtstraße with a 3-kilometre section set to finish as soon as 2022.

The new cycling paths are also a great opportunity for the local administration to redesign streets and squares, as well as to plant more trees whenever possible, according to City Councillor for Mobility Ulli Sima.

She was quoted in a press release saying: "Large cross-connections and closing gaps in the network are a key concern for me and that's exactly what we're doing with our program on a large scale."



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