One of the nurses, posing in front of FunPalast, Source: Peter Laskaris on Facebook

Viennese brothel offers Covid shots and 30 minute ‘séance’ vouchers

Viennese brothel offers Covid shots and 30 minute ‘séance’ vouchers

The owner sees this as an opportunity to target men with a migrant background

There is a new vaccination offer in Vienna with the brothel ‘FunPalast’, giving out shots and vouchers for a 30-minute séance. The idea was championed by the venue’s owner Peter Laskaris as a way to boost the country’s vaccination efforts while generating some much-needed influx of customers.

Visitors to the brothel will be able to choose from the Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccine and get their first, second or booster shot in a mobile vaccination hub in the brothel itself.

Vaccinations will be available every Monday in November from 4 P.M. to 10 P.M., all people need to bring is a valid ID and an FFP2 mask. The doctor’s consultation will be handled on-site.

Hitting all the right notes

According to Peter Laskaris, his campaign hopes to apply a targeted demographic approach to the vaccination campaign. He claims that there is a notable gap when it comes to the vaccination rates of men with a migrant background.

It just so happens that this is his main clientele. Laskaris was quoted by the news site Kurier saying that FunPalast customers are exclusively men and a lot of them are with a migrant background, which is why the campaign is perfect. He continued by describing his brothel as sounding like Belgrade or Istanbul on weekends.

Peter Laskaris, the man with the bright idea and one of the 'nurses',
Source: Peter Laskaris on Facebook

The other reason for the increased interest in faster inoculations is the fact that the business has suffered since the start of the pandemic. Covid, according to Laskaris, has slashed their revenue in half and he hopes that the campaign can get people through the door again.



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