These people in Lublin and Vilnius are already celebrating Pink Soup Fest ahead of schedule, Source: Go Vilnius

Vilnius and Lublin celebrate pink soup through their unique digital portal

Vilnius and Lublin celebrate pink soup through their unique digital portal

People in both cities got to sit together both in person and virtually

One of the most colourful and tasty modern celebrations in Europe must be Vilnius’ Pink Soup Festival, set to kick off on 1 June this year. It honours šaltibarščiai, a beloved and refreshing treat in summer whose main ingredients kefir and beets come lovingly together to create a shocking pink-to-purple colour, making it a visual treat, too.

What’s more, Vilnius is one of these cities that truly gets creative when it comes to promoting itself on the tourism stage, in a way, it truly aims to be an “influencer city” for lack of a better description. Three years ago, for instance, you might recall that virtual portal gates were installed both in Vilnius and the Polish city of Lublin so that their residents could feel intimately connected during the pandemic through the marvel of technology.

“Longest table” in the world?

That virtual portal is still very much there and now the Pink Soup Fest organizers have decided to make it part of their promotional campaign.

For this purpose, they placed two tables in front of both portals, the optical illusion created by the live feed from the cameras makes it look like it’s one single table that exists both in Vilnius and in Lublin. Although combined the two tables can seat 16 people, the organizers jokingly claim that this table is the longest in the world because it extends 650 kilometres (the geographical distance between the two cities).

We have strong ties with Poland and Polish tourists are among the biggest tourist groups in Vilnius, the number of tourists from Poland increased by 58% last year. Vilnius Pink Soup Fest is a unique celebration of a delicacy that has become synonymous with summer in Lithuania. Around 15K attendees enjoyed the festivities last year, and we expect an even bigger crowd this June, said Dovile Aleksandravičienė, CEO of Go Vilnius, the tourist board of the Lithuanian capital.

Adorned in pink accent details and with a spread containing cold pink soup, pink snacks, sweets, and drinks, the tables in Vilnius and Lublin created a digital postcard reminding the international guests to pay a visit to the Pink Soup Fest on 1 June. 



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