Hear about the past of Vilnius by riding on its oldest trolleybus line - Number 2, Source: Vilnius Municipality / Sauliaus Žiūros

Vilnius app helps commuters to feel like tourists in their city

Vilnius app helps commuters to feel like tourists in their city

A historical journey on trolleybus line 2

The Vilnius public transport operator (UAB) is partnering in a creative project with the Neakivaizdinis Vilnius (Part-time Vilnius) platform and mobile app, to offer the city’s first audio-guided route on the local trolleybus line 2. The audio guide on the app is synchronized with the stops on the route and tells 13 stories about the history of the Lithuanian capital along the way. It is sure to make passengers see their daily commute in a whole new and more educational light.

Turning the mundane into illuminating

"Part-time Vilnius" promises that passengers will re-discover their daily route with completely new eyes. They will hear 13 stories that will briefly tell the history of Vilnius - the city wall, Jogailos and Žygimantų streets (the latter used to be a 26 metre-wide boulevard, actually) or the Green Bridge, which was rebuilt twelve times.

Trolleybus 2 was hardly a random choice. This is the first trolleybus to run in Vilnius, running on almost the same route as it did when it was first inaugurated in 1956 - bypassing Gediminas Avenue and extending to the student town in Saulėtekis.

Listening to the first-ever audio route suitable for public transport is completely easy - all you have to do is play the appropriate audio track when the trolleybus stops at the stop indicated in the audio guide. The duration of each story is adapted to the normal speed of the trolleybus, so passengers will be able to enjoy the views through the window and listen to stories.

It is recommended to start the trip at the Station and follow the direction Station-Saulėtekis, as the information in the audio guide is presented in this order.

In addition, on 15 and 22 May, "Neakelylinis Vilnius" invites residents and guests to introductory audio route tours, which will be led by a guide. The route will start at the Station and end at Saulėtekis. The tours are free, all you need to do is buy a trolleybus ticket.



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