Vilnius 2020 Christmas tree, Source: Go Vilnius

Vilnius Christmas tree named Most Beautiful in Europe

Vilnius Christmas tree named Most Beautiful in Europe

The stunning installation is like a surreal sculpture with a surprise inside

Driven by health concerns, most European capitals have mothballed their public events for this Christmas. But even in the absence of traditional fairs, their symbolic centrepiece stands tall and bright everywhere, in defiance of the coronavirus – the Christmas tree.

And speaking of Christmas trees, the Lithuanian capital leads the pack, and even rivals grudgingly acknowledge this. Just days ago, for a second year in a row, the Vilnius entrant was picked by the European Best Destinations organization as the Most Beautiful Christmas tree in Europe, leaving Strasbourg (second) and Prague behind.

This year’s Vilnius Christmas tree is indeed a jaw-dropping surreal creation combining tradition, modernity and sustainability. The conic-shaped installation, arranged next to the Bell Tower of St. John's Church, is designed in such a way that it can be safely marvelled at from a distance.

The 24 m tall composition is made up of metal panels adorned with colour-changing lights on the outside and mirrors on the flip side. Here, as in previous years, the metal frame is decorated with real spruce branches collected from fallen trees in nearby forests. 

The multifaceted modern facade opens up just enough to reveal a live and sprightly decorated spruce inside. The homely interior ensures that the spirit of Christmas lives on despite the pandemic.

Tradition of innovation 

The Christmas trees of Vilnius have become trendsetters thanks to their original themes, unique decorations and the magical atmosphere they evoke. Last year’s tree, for example, resembled a chess queen in a blue dress and silver cloak, guarded by rows of pawns, while its time-themed predecessor featured a stylized clock with moving clock gear-snowflakes.

The Vilnius Christmas tree will delight visitors until 7 January 2021. And if you are curious about what its competitors looked like this year, you can visit the special section of the EBD website.



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