The system is a bit like a fun carwash but for humans, Source: Vilnius Municipality

Vilnius cools residents with mist spray devices

Vilnius cools residents with mist spray devices

When you’re feeling the heat, you can head down to the Town Hall Square of the Lithuanian capital

Summer’s definitely here, even in the northern reaches of Europe, and so is the need to stay fresh. In that context, the Vilnius City Municipality has started offering residents the possibility to cool down thanks to specially designed mist devices.

We are not even too sure what to call them, think of going through them like a car going through a carwash. What’s certain, however, is that the water mist system is located at the Town Hall Square in downtown Vilnius.

The mobile mist system, which is operated in conjunction with the city’s water supplier Vilniaus Vandenys, is connected to centralized water supply networks, so the water used in it is safe, high-quality and healthy.

Vilnius is proud of its tap water

Vilnius Vice Mayor Andrius Grigonis declared on the occasion:

The heat adjusts the everyday life of city residents when many Vilnius residents are looking for various ways to cool down. We try to make city life as comfortable as possible during the summer, and water mist is an excellent solution for this. Since Vilnius has already tested this solution last year, I am sure that the residents of the capital will willingly use it this summer as well".

The water mist system will be operational daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., with a 15-minute break every hour.

In a way, this move also serves to promote the quality of the local tap water, which can be used for drinking or for cooling down.

According to the vice-mayor, the water mist is not the only environmentally friendly solution, which Vilnius residents and city guests can use to refresh themselves. Currently, there are also 31 drinking fountains operating in the city, the largest part of them - in the central part; the rest - near the sports fields of the capital.



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