Egeskov Castle

Visit Egeskov Castle – one of the finest Renaissance buildings in Europe

Visit Egeskov Castle – one of the finest Renaissance buildings in Europe

One of the top destinations to discover in Denmark

The fairytale lake Egeskov Castle on the beautiful Danish island Funen, near Odense, is one of the finest Renaissance buildings in Europe. Built in 1554, Egeskov Castle is a top destination to discover in Denmark.

The name Egeskov originally comes from an estate with the same name. The building, which looks so peaceful and idyllic today was built for defence purposes. Egeskov is known for being the best-preserved moat castle on the Old continent. Nowadays it is a living castle with fun park for families, museums, and stunning gardens.

Renaissance Egeskov is a romantic castle with one of the most beautiful gardens in Denmark. It is a truly family-friendly destination with a very huge fun park, a variety of play areas, a treetop walks, maze and old-fashioned games. The inhabited castle is open to visitors. Picnicking is also allowed. Egeskov Castle is at the heart of a 20 ha park that is part of a much bigger 1150 ha commercial farm. The whole Egeskov Slot complex is a very popular day-trip and excursion destination in Denmark.

A visit to Egeskov Castle includes:

  • Egeskov Castle – seeing the interior of the magnificent building
  • The Castle Park – a variety of numerous gardens
  • The Exhibitions – an eclectic collection of museums including everything from antique cars to fashion
  • The Play Forrest – a fun play park with а maze and а treetop walking course.

The interior of the castle has gives a charming feeling that often is missing in many other palaces open to visitors. Around 15 of the total 66 rooms could be seen including the typical range of hunting room, formal reception rooms and a few bedrooms. Other curious detail is such as the fact that the castle has some 2,000 windowpanes. Egeskov Castle is seen without a guided tour and it is on the must-visit destinations in Denmark.



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