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Visually impaired people will have the opportunity to participate in online art exhibitions in Vienna

Visually impaired people will have the opportunity to participate in online art exhibitions in Vienna

Vienna’s Albertina Museum is going to present an online live podcast for people with visual disabilities

The Albertina Museum in Vienna in cooperation with the Aid Community for the blind and visually impaired in Austria will offer special online guided tours on art exhibitions.

These events will allow equal access to art shows for different visitors to the museum. Albertina had incorporated special guided tours even before the pandemic started, but now the museum has to adapt to the online format of art education and conversations. The structure is going to be similar to a podcast to allow people to experience the exhibitions.

“Art wants to reach as many people as possible. She always wants to be inclusive. Especially in this time of privation, art can be a source of strength and perspective for all of us,” stated General Director Klaus Albrecht Schröder in a broadcast.

"This format also enables our members to actively participate in art and culture and also addresses all other art enthusiasts," said Daniele Marano, who is going to join the first event on 25 February.

Three events are planned out

  • The Albertina Museum introduces itself

25 February 2021, 17 p.m.

This event will give a tour of the museum itself.

  • Durer’s hare

9 March 2021, 5 p.m.

How the drawing of the painter and printmaker Albrecht Dürer got into the ALBERTINA Museum and why we are still amazed? The talk will give Friederike Zapf

  • A god in the collection: Raphael

23 March 2021, 5 p.m. 

Art talk with Francesca Liva on Raphael and his works

Participants will need a stable network connection, an electronic device and a microphone. They can join the events via Zoom, but they need to sign up in advance to be able to receive a link with instructions. The email to sign up is

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