Children need support and encouragement to become strong and independent adults

Volunteers will provide Tampere’s children with emotional support

Volunteers will provide Tampere’s children with emotional support

The City of Tampere is seeking “support people” to help children ages 7-17

Children and young people require support and encouragement to grow and become strong, independent adults. Unfortunately, they do not always have access to someone who is willing to talk, offer advice, or just listen. Understanding how crucial it is to have this type of support, the City of Tampere is now taking action to ensure that children and young people (ages 7-17) have their emotional needs fulfilled.

Volunteers will act as “support people”

On Tuesday 17 August, the City of Tampere announced that it is seeking “support people” who would like to volunteer to help children in Tampere and Orivesi. These volunteers will be tasked with meeting young people for joint activities two times a month. The activities should be enjoyable for both parties and may simply be a walk in the park or a day at the movies.

The primary goal of these meetings will be to make the children feel supported, seen and heard. According to the City of Tampere, young boys need special assistance as they are more unlikely to seek help even if they feel lonely. For this reason, the municipality strongly encourages adult men to volunteer and participate in helping these young individuals.

How can you join?

Those interested in helping children can register to receive training before 16 September by emailing the City of Tampere. Staff from the municipality will then provide individuals with free training on 21 and 28 September. The classes will take place online from 16:30 to 20:00. On a separate date, each participant will also have to take part in an interview.

Ultimately, “support people” will provide assistance to migrant children, those who come from single-parent families, or young individuals who simply lack the support they need at home. By helping these children, volunteers will get the opportunity to create meaningful and potentially lifelong relationships.



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