Free bike repair services are dropping for a visit in your Warsaw district , Source: Depositphotos

Warsaw invites you to check your bike’s health for free

Warsaw invites you to check your bike’s health for free

The benefit is offered as part of the European Mobility Week events

This year’s European Mobility Week will take place from 16 to 22 September and cities around the continent are preparing individualized agendas to fit their local contexts, all with the aim of promoting sustainable and healthy mobility.

The Polish capital, Warsaw, has decided to grant residents the opportunity to check the state of their bicycles thanks to a Free Bicycle Serviceavailable for 7 days in 7 different districts. Residents are thus best advised to check the municipal website to find out when the bike experts will be making a call in their neighbourhood.

The Mobile Bicycle Service organized as part of the European Mobility Week is not only a nod to cyclists, but also an encouragement for those who are not yet convinced to choose this form of commuting to work or school,” states Michał Olszewski, vice-mayor of Warsaw.

Warsaw gets friendlier to cyclists

The Polish capital isn’t particularly famous for being bike-obsessed and cycling-friendly, however, this kind of initiative shows that there is a will to change things and move forward.

The theme of this year’s Mobility Week is “Save Energy” and when one thinks about doing this in the context of mobility, the first thing that comes to mind is cycling.

That’s why the city authorities would like to encourage more people to brush off the dust from their bikes and get reacquainted with this sustainable mobility mode.

A quick bike fitness test by the technicians will allow the detection and elimination of basic issues such as faulty brakes or gears. Service experts will also check bicycles for mandatory equipment.

In addition to quick "while-you-wait" services, people will also be able to leave their two-wheelers for a more advanced inspection and pick them up in a few hours in case they don’t have time to wait.



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