Warsaw is the place to be in 2023, Source: European Best Destinations/ Lukasz Szwaj

Warsaw is 2023’s European Best Destination

Warsaw is 2023’s European Best Destination

The Polish capital lures the traveller not only with its heritage but also with the feeling of safety

European Best Destinations (EBD), the continent’s premier travel portal, has announced its list of favourite getaways for the year 2023 chosen through a global online voting process and the city of Warsaw tops the list!

Now that European tourism is back on the table in full swing, it comes as no surprise perhaps that the number of votes has also shattered records. The Polish capital has garnered an astounding 142,081 votes – a record since the creation of the competition.

Altogether, this year’s contest gathered 686,244 votes from 178 countries. That’s almost 140,000 votes more than last year’s edition when the world was still in the grip of pandemic anxiety and people were supposedly more glued to their computers and phones.

Warsaw is the place to visit this year

According to EBD, the Polish capital is the preferred destination of American, Irish, English, Austrian and Australian tourists. In fact, 52% of the votes for that city came from outside of the Old Continent.

Given its top status, Warsaw can now boast the title in its tourism marketing campaigns and EBD will also be promoting the destination as the place to be this year.

Apparently, what really charmed visitors about Warsaw, apart from its history, culture and UNESO-listed restored old quarter, was the peace and safety that the place offered to guests. In fact, Warsaw is considered to be three times safer than Paris, or twice as safe as Rome.

That feeling of safety is seen by the fact that Poland has welcomed the most Ukrainian refugees since the start of the war. The population of Warsaw for example has grown by 15% due to this fact!

You can consult the top 20 destinations on the continent on the EBD portal. These places will be promoted during the whole year 2023 to millions of travellers among the Best Destinations to visit on the most visited website dedicated to culture and travel in Europe.

Since 2009 EBD has been working with major tourism offices in Europe to reward and highlight the most visited destinations via its website and social networks (+8 million visitors and thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and 90,000,000 euros of media coverage).



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