Continuing their education abroad is now easier for Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw, Source: City of Warsaw

Warsaw sets up a remote learning point for refugees from Ukraine

Warsaw sets up a remote learning point for refugees from Ukraine

Students have at their disposal rooms with computer equipment

The war in Ukraine has been going on for 50 days now and millions have already found safety in nearby countries. In most cases, they have travelled with the strictly most necessary items, forced to start their lives anew. It follows then that those who have arrived with children or are students themselves had to solve the question of how to continue their education in these complex circumstances.

Luckily, some local communities have found a solution to this. A good example is the city of Warsaw, which recently opened a central point for students willing to pursue their Ukrainian education remotely. In one space, they will be able to find devices and connections, but also – get the chance to meet each other and seek assistance on various matters related to their integration in Poland.

A single point to study and meet fellows from Ukraine

Earlier this week Warsaw informed of the opening of a central point for distance learning at the Youth Palace. Students, enrolled in the Ukrainian education system, have at their disposal rooms equipped with computers and the Internet. According to the Mayor of the Polish capital, Rafał Trzaskowski, one-third of the refugees in his city are children and adolescents (which makes for some 100,000 people), hence education is one of the key activities related to their integration.

The devices are donated by donors and they are equipped with a Ukrainian keyboard. The learning point will be accessible from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 13:00. Support from someone who speaks Ukrainian is also available on the spot and students were already introduced to the space and got the chance to test the connection with their schools at home.

Similar points are organized by the districts of Warsaw - Ursus and Bemowo so far, but more are yet to join in.

As TheMayor.EU reported earlier, remote learning is only one of the ways refugees from Ukraine can continue their education. It is possible only for those whose schools have continued to provide lessons in a digital environment despite the war. On top of this option, a significant portion (16,000 people) have joined municipal education institutions in Warsaw where they are being assisted by teachers from Ukraine, as part of a support programme.



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