Polish artist Aleksandra Hortensja Dąbek playing Chopin for the passengers on Warsaw's metro, Source: Warsaw City

Warsaw stages concerts on public transport to honour Chopin

Warsaw stages concerts on public transport to honour Chopin

It’s been 172 years since the great composer's last performance

Poland, the birthplace of Frédéric Chopin, has no shortage of experiences recalling the unparalleled beauty of his music. Neither does Warsaw, where his memory lives to this day in an interactive museum and where his very heart rests dignified in the pillars of the Holy Cross Basilica.

But yesterday was something special for Romantic Age aficionados, even more so for those who happened to be using the local metro system. A live night concert was held at the Stadion Narodowy station by Aleksandra Hortensja Dąbek, a young award-winning pianist. And there will be more such experiences to come, as the city commemorates the 172nd anniversary of Fryderyk Chopin's death.

Chopin’s legacy lives long in Warsaw

The 18th edition of the International Chopin Piano Competition is underway. The competition for pianists will conclude with the award ceremony with a concert of the laureates scheduled for 21 October. One of its laureates, Aleksandra Hortensja Dąbek, gave a special performance on Thursday night on the occasion of the death anniversary of the Polish composer.

For those who are in Warsaw but have missed the opportunity, it is not all lost, as there are a number of occasions to enjoy Chopin’s work in the next couple of days.

The culmination of this year’s commemoration of the anniversary of Chopin’s death will be on Sunday, 17 October, in the Holy Cross Basilica starting at 21:00.  Earlier on the same day, a Chopin tram with live music will crisscross Warsaw from 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

The tram's route is Square Narutowicz - Square Zawiszy – Jerozolimskie Boulevard - Poniatowski Bridge - Washington Roundabout - Zieleniecka boulevard – Targowa street - Jagiellońska street – Starzyńskiego roundabout - Gdański bridge - Radosława roundabout – Okopowa street - Towarowa street - Square Zawiszy - Square Narutowicz.

And if you are an admirer of Chopin’s legacy and you plan to visit Warsaw, make sure to discover one of 15 multimedia benches dispersed around the city. They allow you to scan a code with your smartphone and learn more about Chopin’s life and work or simply press a button to play his music while marvelling at the beauty of the Polish capital.



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