The future Golędzinów park will stretch over 3 kilometres along the Vistula river, Source: Rafał Trzaskowski on Facebook

Warsaw will build its largest park

Warsaw will build its largest park

The mayor of the city promises a unique-in-the-world green space, with the size of 90 football fields

Soon, Warsaw will have a new park. And it will be a green space that the Polish capital has not seen before, Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski pledged last week in a post on social media. In particular, the park will have a total of 65 hectares of greenery, which amounts to about 90 football fields.

A new and unique point to enjoy the rich nature of Vistula river

Warsaw is making another big leap forward to becoming a truly green city. The Polish capital will soon build the Golędzinów Natural Park, along the Vistula River, which promises to be a unique place on a world scale.

According to the current plan, the new green space will pave educational paths, new crossings and overpasses and viewpoints to relax and observe the Vistula nature. The process will happen with respect for the exceptionally rich nature of the site, authorities promise.

The park will be located on an area that stretches along the Vistula riverbed for a length of almost three kilometers - between the Gdańsk Bridge and the Grota-Roweckiego Bridge; on the border of the Central Vistula Valley Natura 2000 area and the Warsaw Protected Landscape Area.

Golędzinów is a region of the shallow Vistula riverbed, which provides favourable conditions for the observation of many species of water birds resting on sandy and rocky bars, as the city website informs. There, one can see various species of ducks, cormorants and herons.

The city has thus launched the arrangements and securing funds for the preparation. Later this year, the city will announce an architectural competition that will allow the selection of a contractor for the design documentation. Then, after obtaining all arrangements, construction work will begin.



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