The new Energy Management System in Warsaw will shrink the bills without shrinking the temperatures, Source: Warsaw Municipality

Warsaw will save over 4 mil euros a year with integrated energy-saving system

Warsaw will save over 4 mil euros a year with integrated energy-saving system

It will practically pay for its own expansion

Warsaw’s municipal website announced that a new Energy Management System is already being implemented in the city, starting with two districts as test beds, but with the ambition to englobe the entire capital.

The system in question consists of interconnected measurement and control devices (electricity and heat meters, thermostatic heads) together with teletransmission devices. The aim is for this tech network is to englobe all of the municipal facilities in the Polish capital. Authorities claim that this will actually bring about annual savings of up to PLN 20 million a year (about 4.2 million euros) from utility bills.

Brighter energy future

In Warsaw, already in two districts (Targówek and Śródmieście), there are over 70 educational institutions with a heat management system. This year, these buildings will be equipped with additional media sensors and connected to the System. In the years 2023 – 2025, PLN 45 million (about 9 million euros) have been reserved in the city budget for its further expansion in other municipal facilities.

“Currently, as part of the pilot project, the system has been installed in 10 educational institutions (schools and kindergartens). There, sensors collect data on media consumption and integrate the operation of internal installations, but also alert about emergency situations, enabling remote management from the operator's station,” explained Renata Kaznowska, Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw.

Each building connected to the system should be equipped with control and measurement devices enabling data transmissions, such as regulators and controllers.

The implementation of the Energy Management System is the fulfilment of the obligations of the City of Warsaw in the field of energy and climate policy. Plus, it is a form of promoting the idea of ​​sustainable development.



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