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Warsaw Zoo collects donations of nuts and acorns

Warsaw Zoo collects donations of nuts and acorns

The only time of the year when the “Do not feed the animals” sign is not valid

There is hardly anyoneupon visiting a zoo who has not felt the desire to treat the animals some snacks. This, normally prohibited and even punishable by a fine activity, however, is more than welcome at this time of the year at the Warsaw Zoo. In its traditional call for donations, one of the most-frequented zoological gardens in Europe is again inviting locals to bring in some small delicacies to pamper the animals between their daily meals.

Animals also need a healthy and varied diet

The Municipality of Warsaw announced the start of the initiative of collecting acorns, hazelnuts and walnuts for the zoo animals. Residents of the Polish capital are invited to leave their gifts at the entrances of the Zoo on Ratuszowa street and the Gdański Bridge. The gifts will serve as a snack between the daily meals of monkeys, antelopes, bears and parrots residing in the park.

As the city authorities explained, nuts are a delicacy for parrots and monkeys, especially baboons. On the other hand, almost all ungulates eat acorns. Bisons are especially fond of them, but they are also eaten by antelopes, sika deers and even giraffes. Bears are also known to enjoy acorns and nuts.

Part of the collection will go to the Bird's Asylum, where domestic birds are treated and rehabilitated. Finally, acorns are also a remedy for animals in the event of digestive disorders.

This year the objective is to collect 3000 kg of acorns, 400 kg of walnuts and 200 kg of hazelnuts. Of course, they must all be good quality, dry and insect-free so that they do not spoil the rest of the donations. Varsovians can bring their gifts every day during the opening hours of the zoo and give them to security guards at the entrances.

The Warsaw Zoo has been collecting acorns and nuts for over four decades. The animals in the zoo are provided with food all year round, hence the seeds offered are seen as a complimentary snack for them.

Last year, donors brought over 2400 kg of acorns, 2000 kg of walnuts and 14 kg of hazelnuts and it is expected that with the help of visitors, there will be even more treats for the Zoo’s inhabitants this year.



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