The interior of Bioteka, Source: City of Lublin

Welcome to the new green library of Lublin

Welcome to the new green library of Lublin

Bioteka - a place where culture meets sustainable lifestyle

Avid readers from Lublin, passionate about sustainable living, have their new favourite place in the Polish city: Bioteka, or the "green" library. The new seat of the municipal public library has been designed in a beautiful and modern way, using natural and raw materials.

Who says cultural institutions cannot look aesthetic and modern at the same time?

The new seat, home to two of the 40 branches of the Hieronim Łopaciński Municipal Public Library, was opened on the premises of the former restaurant Karczma Słupska at Racławickie 22 in Lublin, Poland. Its name – Bioteka – already says a lot about its purpose, since it derives from bio and biblioteka, the Polish word for library.

The new municipal cultural institution combines modern style, beautiful interiors and great collections in the green heart of the city, the nearby Saski Garden. But location is far from its only advantage – the library boasts a unique architecture.

The designers (GK-Atelier Grzegorz Kłoda) used natural and raw materials, such as glass, stone, wood and lots of greenery, which gave the interior an individual character at a highly aesthetic level. Effective energy efficient lighting and a black ceiling with visible technical infrastructure also call one's attention. The concept is complemented by a micro cement floor, which is decorated with hand-painted graphics.

Bioteka has an area of ​​over 400 square metres, combining the rich book collection of the former Branch No. 6 with the multimedia of the Branch No. 27, bringing the new collection to 35 000 items. Furthermore, part of the collection is aimed at people with visual impairments who can read Braille, and there is the possibility of recording materials on special reading devices. This makes Bioteka a place accessible to all readers, including people with physical disabilities.

“It is the inhabitants of our city who are to become the hosts of this place, which is to serve their needs and interests. All users, including people with disabilities, will not only be able to use the rich offer prepared by librarians, but also create and implement it using friendly and accessible spaces. In turn, city creators, educators, animators and organizations will find in Bioteka partners for joint animation activities,” commented Piotr Tokarczuk, director of the Municipal Public Library in Lublin, quoted on the city website.

In Bioteka, apart from the main library rooms, there are also other places prepared for users, such as workshop rooms, a games room and a computer room. Temporary exhibitions will be shown in the gallery next to the entrance.

The total cost of setting up the Bioteka with its equipment amounted to nearly PLN 1.6 million (about 353 648 euros).

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