The Milan Metro will expand with 13 new stops in September, Source: Depositphotos

When will Milan’s newest metro line open in its full length?

When will Milan’s newest metro line open in its full length?

The construction of the M4 began in 2012 and after some delays, there’s finally a definite horizon for its completion this year

Giuseppe Sala, the mayor of Milan, has announced that he expects the end of the construction works for the M4 metro line in his city to terminate by the end of the summer so that in September, the entire line could be operational.

The line which will cut across the city from west (San Cristoforo) to east (Linate Airport) will allow commuters to travel its entire length in just half an hour.

M4 has been in construction since 2012, even though its concept idea dates back to the 1990s and has already been operational on its eastern section (since 2022) including 8 stops – between San Babila and Linate.

When completed in September, it will feature 21 stops altogether and will cover a total of 15 kilometres.

The service will link western districts to Linate Airport

The main objective of the M4 line is to improve mobility and accessibility in the eastern part of Milan, providing a direct connection between densely populated areas and the main transport hubs.

Mayor Sala made the announcement recently during a visit to the San Cristoforo western terminus of the line, which apart from being a station on the M4 route will also serve as a depot housing 42 trains at night.

What’s interesting about the land on which the terminus is being built is that the municipality partially owns it, while some parts of it were confiscated from the mafia. The depot and a vehicle maintenance workshop will be housed in a former railway yard.

Furthermore, a cycle/pedestrian walkway will be built which will connect Piazza Tirana with Ronchetto, allowing residents of the Lorenteggio district to access the Navigli district easily. There will also be a new thermoelectric power plant that will serve the station and the neighbourhood.



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