Krakow's Equality March celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, Source: City of Krakow

Winds of change: Krakow's new mayor will be first to attend city's Pride parade

Winds of change: Krakow's new mayor will be first to attend city's Pride parade

The event, officially called Krakow Equality March, will be held next week

One of the first public acts of Aleksander Miszalski, only days after taking over as a mayor of Krakow, will be to attend next week’s Krakow Equality March – the name of the local LGBT Pride parade. Furthermore, he will also hang the rainbow flag on the façade of City Hall.

The announcement marks a sharp break with the policy of his predecessor - Jacek Majchrowski, who during his long tenure (the longest in the city’s history) refused to attend the event, even though he was an honourary patron of it in 2021. This means that this will be the first time that the highest politician in Krakow will be present at a pride parade.

I want to build a sensitive and tolerant Kraków, a home for everyone and open for everyone,” wrote Aleksander Miszalski in a letter to organisers of the parade, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

In his letter, the mayor asked for permission to attend from the organizers, stating that it would be a “great pleasure” for him to be part of the march.

Bettering climate for LGBT in Poland

This comes only several years after the peak of the creation of the so-called LGBT-free zones in many municipalities in Poland, some of which were located in Krakow’s countryside during the rule of the conservative PIS party. The new liberal government of Donald Tusk, which came to power at the end of last year, however, has promised to improve conditions for the LGBT community in the country. The Prime Minister described the community as a “victimized minority”.

This year's edition of the Krakow Equality March will take place on 18 May. 



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