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World’s first double decker hydrogen buses roll out in Aberdeen

World’s first double decker hydrogen buses roll out in Aberdeen

The city has been a pioneer in integrating hydrogen into its public transport network

Earlier this week, Aberdeen welcomed the world’s first hydrogen-powered double decker bus. The city has become a trailblazer in adopting and integrating hydrogen technologies into its public transport network and is always ready to take its efforts yet another step further.

A history of firsts

Citizens will be able to spot the new bus on the streets of Aberdeen over the next few weeks as it undergoes trials before it becomes fully integrated into the local public transport network. According to officials, the step of introducing the double-decker into service is meant to serve as a symbol of the seriousness with which Aberdeen as a whole approaches the topics of climate change and sustainability.

Aberdeen, however, boasts a history of “firsts”. In 2015, the UK’s first hydrogen bus production and bus refuelling station was opened in the city, as part of a larger £19million green transport project, meant to test the effectiveness and efficiency of green transport solutions. That same opening is also a point of great pride for local authorities who constantly want to keep Aberdeen ahead of the curve when it comes to green technologies.

Upon unveiling the new double-decker, Aberdeen City Council Co-Leader Councillor Jenny Laing stated that “We are very proud to bring the world’s first hydrogen-powered double-decker buses to Aberdeen as it shows the city continues to be at the forefront of developing green technologies.”

The roll out of the new double-decker buses will help to cement Aberdeen’s position as an entrepreneurial and technological leader as the new buses come with even more advanced technology which pushes established hydrogen boundaries and greatly assists us in tackling air pollution in the city.”

We look forward to seeing the new hydrogen double-deckers being tested around the streets of Aberdeen over the next few weeks before they come into service.”



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