A neutral space where you can relax, Source: City of Wroclaw / Menthol Architects

Wroclaw’s train station to unveil a Palm House where travellers can relax

Wroclaw’s train station to unveil a Palm House where travellers can relax

The new space has been described as a “third place” – neither home nor workplace

Wroclaw’s main train station – Wroclaw Glowny – was already quite unique thanks to the fact that it hosts an actual modern art gallery – BWA Wroclaw. But now a new announcement indicates that the station will become even more diversified with the opening of a third place called Palm House (Palmiarnia).

As the name suggests, there will be tropical plants as part of the interior decoration. However, it also underscores the idea of the design, which refers to the so-called orangeries of royal palaces. These were specially designed greenhouses with a lot of light and a cosy atmosphere, where exotic trees could thrive in European winters.

That cosy and welcoming feeling is what the designers from Menthol Architect Group want to recreate in the Palmiarnia. The space will consist of two sections. One will be a gift shop, whereas the other will be a venue for meetings, lectures and presentations, but also a place where anyone can just go, sit and relax without expectations to purchase anything.

That in fact is the aim of the designers, who wanted to have a dedicated “third place” – a trendy term that refers to places where people go to experience leisure time alone or with others (as opposed to their workplaces and homes).

Third welcoming space

The colours proposed featured in the Palmiarnia are not accidental: they link back to the design of the station building. Green elements refer to the colourful glazing in the main hall, and indigo was taken from the colours of the walls in the Session Hall adjacent to the gallery.

Plants are not accidental either. The architects chose those that are resistant to temperature fluctuations. 

The new space, also considered part of BWA Wroclaw, will be in the station’s mezzanine and will be officially unveiled on Friday, 15 December, at 12:00 PM local time.

Guests who attend the opening of the Palm House can count on free drinks and tropical music. They will also be able to do Christmas shopping and buy posters and publications from BWA Wrocław at a special, promotional price. Posters from past exhibitions will be made available by BWA for free.



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