Art lovers admiring The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, Source: Depositphotos

You can now own a piece of Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ as an NFT

You can now own a piece of Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ as an NFT

This is a debut by the Belvedere Museum of Vienna into the trendy world of digital collectibles

Art collection goes digital and is now accessible to virtually everyone thanks to a new partnership between the Belvedere Museum of Vienna and digital collectibles advisor Nimi. The initiative results in offering the museum’s most iconic work of art – Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ – as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The project is the first such undertaken by the cultural institution and one that is sure to attract healthy interest from the public.

The way it works is by digitally dividing the painting into 10,000 pieces (on a 100x100 grid) and offering each of them separately as an NFT. The price for each digital token will be 1,925 US dollars.

Art collection for Gen Z

With this step, the Belvedere, which has a 120-year-old history as a museum, is making a bold claim of stepping into post-modernity by embracing the democratized world of digital art collection.

The image segments of The Kiss NFTs are randomly assigned to buyers every Friday, making each acquisition a surprise. Also, no two pieces are alike as each one of them is basically a piece of the overall painting.

The aim of the museum is to attract a younger audience and one that feels very comfortable with the digital universe. NFT owners will feel a sense of belonging to an exclusive community of collectors, which will also be underscored by invitations to special events at the museum so that they will get the chance to enjoy offline art at its home.

According to BNN Breaking, this initiative is a part of the museum’s larger strategy to innovate and extend its reach to global audiences, manifesting the intersection of classic art and modern technology.



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