People feeding pigeons in Milan, Source: Depositphotos

You may be fined for feeding pigeons in this part of the Milan metropolis

You may be fined for feeding pigeons in this part of the Milan metropolis

The citizen brazenly decided to throw crumbs at the birds despite being caught in the act by the mayor himself

It turns out that feeding the pigeons in the Milan metropolitan area is illegal, at least in one part of it. That’s what one resident got to find out the hard way after having to pay some 167 euros for a fine issued by the police to him.

The incident occurred in Garbagnate, which is a small satellite municipality, part of the larger Milan metropolis.

What’s notable about this is that the offender, who goes by the name of Stefano R., claims that he was not aware that the act of showing kindness to the birds was illegal.

What’s even more amazing is that he was actually caught in the act by the mayor of Garbagnate himself, Daniele Davide Barletta, who was filming from his window at City Hall and twice yelled at Stefano and his mom to stop feeding the birds.

Ignorantia legis non excusat

There’s a legal principle, however, that not being aware of a certain law doesn’t excuse you if you’re caught breaking it.

"We are used to absurd regulations and fines. But 167 euros seems really a lot to me, the officers didn't even try to 'warn' me before fining me, it seemed to me that they just couldn't go away without giving me the sanction,” complained Stefano R., as quoted by Il Giorno.

Furthermore, I didn't think this rule existed, how many times do we see mothers with their children doing the same thing or people eating ice cream sitting on the bench and then giving a few pieces of wafer to the pigeons?”

The citizens who contradicted himself by pointing out he was forewarned by the mayor yet complained about not being warned by the police insisted that he would appeal the fine.

Feeding pigeons is a controversial topic in Italy. A few months ago, the parent of a 4-year-old in Lecce who was seen feeding the pigeons was fined the same amount of money.



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