Den Grønne STU (The Green STU), Source: Aarhus Municipality

Young autistic people will study green subjects in Aarhus’ new school

Young autistic people will study green subjects in Aarhus’ new school

Den Grønne STU will explore subjects such as sustainability, ecology, and green technologies

This August, the Danish Municipality of Aarhus will open Den Grønne STU (The Green STU): a new school where young people with autism can study green subjects. In a press release, Aarhus explains that STU stands for Specially Organised Youth Education and targets young people with disabilities.

The aims of Den Grønne STU

Den Grønne STU’s vision is to help its students acquire skills that will allow them to enter the labour market and secure employment. Acknowledging the significance of green subjects, the new education centre will focus on outdoor activities, green technology, sustainability, and food. In this way, young people with autism will gain knowledge and skills which are in high demand.

Councillor for Social Affairs and Employment Kristian Würtz commented on this: “In these years, there is a strong green movement and climate awareness, which leaves its mark on urban development, job creation and especially characterises the lifestyle and communities of the younger generations. With the development of Den Grønne STU, Aarhus Municipality wants to connect to these movements and ensure that young people with autism come first in relation to getting jobs within the green subjects.”

Catering to the needs of young autistic people

During the establishment of Den Grønne STU, the city worked alongside the National Association for Autism to ensure that the school is in line with the users’ needs. Chair of the National Association for Autism Kreds Østjylland Marianne Banner spoke to the municipality, noting that they have received numerous requests for an STU with opportunities for outdoor activities.

Now, Den Grønne STU is finally fulfilling this request, giving young people the chance to take part in outdoor activities whilst gaining essential knowledge. Taking this further, the new education centre will reportedly focus on four key subjects:

  • Gardening: Students will have practical assignments and study about vegetables, trees, berry bushes, sustainability, ecology, and the climate. This subject will include trips to organic farms and other locations.
  • Food: Topics such as food waste, waste sorting, ecology, seasonal food, minimisation of chemicals and CO2 emissions will be discussed and taught at the Den Grønne STU. Students will gain skills which will allow them to handle food, hygiene, and waste management.
  • Technology: Workshops in this subject will explore digital education, ethics, communication, social media, and green technologies. Moreover, students will receive the opportunity to work with digital devices, earn an IT license, and write job applications.
  • Outdoor activities: Practical, social, and personal skills will be taught and developed under this subject. This will include strengthening students’ connections to civil society and encouraging them to participate in leisure activities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, etc.

20 students are currently expected to begin studying at Den Grønne STU this August.

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