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Zagreb kickstarts new social inclusion project

Zagreb kickstarts new social inclusion project

The initiative aims to develop new and effective social services and thus improve the lives of persons with disabilities

Back in 2018, the Croatian capital of Zagreb submitted a project proposal for the development of an improved social inclusion structure in the district of Novi Jelkovec in the eastern part of the city. After two years of eager anticipation, the “Novi Jelkovec — a Place of Independent Living” project has finally been greenlit, has received European funding and is set to be implemented, thus substantially improving the lives of citizens with disabilities in the area.

Providing for those who need help the most

The “Novi Jelkovec - a place of independent living” project is funded by the EU through the European Social Fund and will be implemented by the Municipality of Zagreb in cooperation with the rehabilitation centre for children and youth Mali dom – Zagreb, the Rehabilitation Centre Silver, the Rehabilitation Centre Stancic, the OSICE Croatian alliance of associations of children with developmental disabilities, persons with disabilities and their families and the Centre for Autism.

The implementation of the project is the culmination of the city’s concentrated efforts in forging a policy specifically tailored to answering the needs and concerns of citizens with disabilities. According to authorities the results that the municipality can achieve in the field are the result of extensive cooperation between the government and local associations and institutions tackling the related issues. Through the Novi Jelkovec project, local authorities want to set an example of how a government can best answer the needs of its constituents with disabilities.

According to deputy mayor Olivera Majic, “This project is a "community project - from community to community" and it says exactly what the goal is and what is its meaning… for Novi Jelkovec we want it to grow into an example of settlements where citizens participate in promoting a sense community that will be further encouraged through the organization of different activities.

Sustainability of the project will be provided through the newly established city institution-the Center for providing services in the community of New Jelkovec, all with the goal of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities and their integration at a higher level - which is ultimately the goal of every civilized society.”



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