Zagreb’s mayor makes parking free near healthcare institutions

Zagreb’s mayor makes parking free near healthcare institutions

The decision by the local government will be in force until the epidemiological situation in the city stabilizes

As is the case all around Europe, Croatia is going through a disastrous 2nd wave of COVID-19. Yet unlike the first time, governments across the continent are better prepared for what’s to come and have oven-ready solutions for some of the problems that they could encounter.

In the country’s capital of Zagreb, for example, local authorities were quick to enact free parking directives at all healthcare institutions around the city, so as to allow for improved ease of access to the sites and to create better conditions for citizens who are in need of emergency care.

Zagreb’s mayor acting fast in the interest of all citizens

The decision to make parking free around all of Zagreb’s healthcare institutions was taken by the city’s mayor Milan Bandic earlier this week. He announced the introduction of the new relief measure on his Facebook page, stating that “In the moments when the epidemic enters a dramatic phase and when the health system load is approaching its peak, I want to at least make it easier for our fellow citizens who need to go to health institutions.

In this way, we in the city of Zagreb, giving up part of the income from the sale of parking tickets, express understanding and support to our fellow citizens, and we invite other cities to do the same. This measure will be in effect until the epidemic situation is once again normal.”

Local authorities across Europe have been at the forefront of implementing such solutions to help take better care of their constituents. More often than not these initiatives have come at the expense of budgetary constraints and contributions but have nonetheless proven essential for citizens as they seek to navigate the treacherous waters of the COVID-19 pandemic.



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