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Zagreb University turns 350

Zagreb University turns 350

For centuries it has maintained its status as the best Croatian university and one of the best educational facilities in the region

In 2019 Zagreb University celebrated its 350th birthday. During this period, Zagreb University owed its prominent position to the principle characteristic of all universities – autonomy. The university has maintained its status as the best Croatian university and ranks among the best in the region.

The main official event marking the 350th anniversary was already held. It was attended by speakers, including representatives of the state authorities and the academic community. In their speeches, most of them have described Zagreb University as a central, autonomous national institution and a guardian of the Croatian national identity.

Among those attending the event was the Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic. He said that the government appreciated education, which was why it had undertaken certain reforms and had created better financial conditions for the educational sector.

More money for science and education

Plenkovich stated that, in the last three years, the budget for science and education has increased from 13.9 to 17.3 billion kuna. Of that amount, in 2019 universities and polytechnics alone will receive 4.7 billion kuna, an increase of 660 million compared to three years ago.

Next year's budget for science and education will increase by an additional 1.3 billion kuna to a total of 18.6 billion. In addition, EU funded contracts worth 2.5 billion kuna have also been signed. At the same time, Croatia has become an associate member of CERN and the European Space Agency.

One of the priorities of Croatia’s EU presidency in 2020 in the field of science and education will be to strengthen the competitiveness of the European economy and human potential. In this regard, the key role of Croatian universities is to promote the excellence of studies, joint studies and diplomas with partnership universities, strengthen the appeal to foreign students and researchers, and promote the exchange of new ideas and staff mobility.



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